Creating an International community for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world

The Status QUO

Our Global Theory of change

Our Vision

Millennials  taking collaborative actions for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Our Mission

Connect a global community of youth, business leaders and decision makers. 

Implement and expand system changing impact  ventures in the interest of the people and the planet.

Our activities

We work on growing a locally rooted and globally connected community.

We construct and incubate innovative projects for public interest.

We accelerate and expand system changing and scalable impact startups.

Our Values

Celebrating Diversity

We believe human diversity is a source of  richness for that reason the human being is the core of our vision and activities. The collaboration of people to get work done more efficiently and effectively.

Failing forward

Winston Churchill once said “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

 We are human beings and every step we take and fail is a chance to learn and grow more. 

We embrace uncertainty in facing and shaking off all fears that uncertainty brings.

True Confidence

We believe in proactive participation in world governance. Our voice should be heard and tomorrow's world cannot be designed without our input. 

Creating new norms requires new models and only creative thinking will deliver.


 We are awarded of our own strengths and weaknesses. ... Empathy is having a humble heart, to show an outpouring love for all living being, to be able to assist, in any way we can, selfless service to all, without any selfish gain. 


Inclusiveness conveys the quality of including all sections of society and make them feel welcomed. Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance and promotes a sense of belonging. 

Global mindset

 A mindset that mixes openness and acceptance to diversity and desire to collaborate with other cultures. Our ventures are designed to grow on an exponential scale.

Established initiatives

Youth Decides Network


Youth Decides mission is to build a locally rooted and globally connected community incubating public projects for the good of the people and the planet. Visit us on :

WeCode Land


WeCode Land's mission is to develop trainings to help 18 to 35 years old economically inactive youth join the labor market by getting access to digital jobs or launching their digital business. Visit us on :



iDecide's mission is to develop a digital bridge between youth and people representatives in the Tunisian parliament. 

Visit us on :



Synergy's mission is to activate a synergy between Change makers, decision makers and medias through coworking, events and trainings.

Visit us on :



Accelerate system changing impact ventures by providing office space, community and legal support and mentorship. 

Visite us on:

New impact enterprises


If you think you have a system changing venture for the good of the people or the planet you can apply to join our ecosystem and take your mission to the next level. 

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